Maggie Complete

As small, stand-alone machining centers and cell washers are becoming more prevalent throughout manufacturing operations, the need for compact and even mobile automatic filtration systems is becoming essential.

Machining operations are migrating from central coolant filtration systems to stand-alone or cellular operations with independent filtration systems that use disposable media and require routine manual intervention.  Headcounts in maintenance staffs are decreasing, and the need for compact, reliable, automatic filtration is even more critical.

ZGF HAS THE COMPLETE SOLUTION! ZGF has developed Maggie Complete to provide end-users a turnkey, fully automatic magnetic separator system that can be implemented on stand-alone machining centers, parts washer cells, polymer quench sumps and more. Complete with ZGF’s patented Maggie magnetic separator, pump, controls, a fluid recovery device, and the option for a mobile cart, Maggie Complete is the perfect solution.

With the number of filtration maintenance points increasing and staff levels decreasing, the trend is not sustainable. Now is the time to implement Maggie Complete!

We can add our optional oil removal cartridge for instant and permanent oil removal upon filter contact with zero desorption.

Click Maggie Complete100 or Maggie Complete300 for a detailed product specification sheet. For a comprehensive overview of ZGF Maggie complete, click on the Maggie Complete Product Data Sheet.