Applications / Process Solutions

Zero Gravity Filters offers four extremely unique and effective separation / filtration technologies to meet the needs of several industries.

  • Maggie – Maggie is a fully automatic, in-line, high intensity, high efficiency, self-cleaning, patented magnetic separator.  Maggie is the best available technology for separating magnetic contaminants from process fluids.
  • Spring Filter – The ZGF Spring Filter is a 316 stainless-steel coil wound with a variable pitch that allows the filter element to open evenly from top to bottom ensuring that all contaminants are completely removed from the filter element with each backwash.  The “nidges” provide an absolute gap to ensure consistent and reliable particle capture. The Spring Filter element is utilized in the EZ Clean family of automatic filtration systems.
  • Tornado – The Tornado is high “G”-force, centrifugal separator.  The Tornado is a simple but extremely innovative device.  The Tornado has no moving parts and no media.  Tornado effectively removes particles without any regular maintenance.
  • MEC– The MEC is the only fully automatic, permanent media, in-line filter that combines magnetic and barrier filtration in a single system. 

ZGF technology provides value in a variety of processes and applications.

  • Machining, honing, grinding, lapping & polishing
    • Extend Tool and Abrasive Life
    • Extend Metalworking Fluid Life
    • Improve Quality & Process Reliability
    • Increase Productivity
    • Reduce Maintenance & Machine and Component Wear
  • Industrial parts washing
    • Improve Part Cleanliness
    • Improve Quality & Process Reliability
    • Prevent Nozzle Plugging
    • Reduce Washer Maintenance & Machine / Component Wear
    • Extend Wash Solution Life
  • Paint Pretreatment
    • Reduce Defects per Vehicle
    • Improve Quality & Process Reliability
    • Increase Productivity
    • Reduce Downstream Labor (i.e. sanding deck)
    • Reduce Maintenance
  • Induction Hardening & Quench
    • Extend Coil Life
    • Extend Quench Fluid Life
    • Improve Quality & Process Reliability
    • Provide Consistent Metallurgical Properties
    • Increase Productivity
    • Reduce Maintenance & Machine and Component Wear
  • Cooling Towers, Chillers, Condensers & Heat Exchangers
    • Reduce Chemical Consumption
    • Reduce Cleaning of Tower Basin and Heat Exchangers
    • Reduce Equipment and Component Wear, Extend Equipment Life
    • Improve Heat Transfer Efficiency
    • Provide a Cleaner System less Conducive to Microbial Growth and Safer Work Environment
    • Reduce Energy Requirement
  • Industrial Water & Wastewater
    • Ensure Discharge Compliance.  Polishing Filter for WWTP Discharge
    • Prefilter, Membrane Protection
    • Nozzle Protection
    • Protect Critical Equipment
    • Pump Seal Protection
    • Recycled Process and /or Wastewater
  • Steel Rolling, Finishing & Galvanizing
    • Reduce Defects in Galvanizing
    • Extend Degrease Solution Life
    • Protect High Pressure Pumps
    • Protect Inspection and Test Equipment (Bar Mills)
    • Extend Mill Coolant Life
    • Increase Productivity
    • Reduce Maintenance
    • Automate Scale Removal
    • Reduce Machine and Component (i.e. Roll) Wear
  • ERW Tube Mill
    • Protect and Extend Life of Impeder
    • Protect High Pressure Pumps
    • Protect Inspection and Test Equipment
    • Extend Mill, Machine, Cutting Tool and Quench Fluid Life
    • Extend Coil Life
    • Provide Consistent Metallurgical Properties
    • Increase Productivity
    • Reduce Maintenance
    • Automate Scale Removal
    • Reduce Machine and Component (i.e. Rollers) Wear
  • Recycled Water
    • Reduce suspended solids for reuse
    • Reduce suspended solids for comprehensive treatment and purification system
  • Wet Scrubbers / Wet Electrostatic Precipitators
    • Spray Nozzle Protection
  • Pump Seal Water
    • Protect Pump Seals.  Cool and seal the shaft, Lubricate the seal, and Flush away contaminants from the seal
  • Food Processing (Fruits & Vegetables)
    • Minimize Disinfectant Usage
    • Minimize Water Consumption
    • Improve Quality & Process Reliability
    • Reduce Downstream Processing Requirements
  • Produced, Flowback & Water / Brine for Deep Well Injection
    • Flume Water
    • Wash Water
    • Wash Water Recycle / Reuse
  • Head Box & White Water (Pulp & Paper)
    • Prevent Nozzle plugging
    • Reduce Water Consumption (recycle process / white water)
    • Improve Quality & Process Reliability
  • Spray Nozzle Protection
    • Prevent Nozzle Plugging

To get a better understanding on where ZGF technology can provide value in your industry and / or application, click on one or more of the Process Diagram links below.  You can download up to 18 different process diagrams that show you where a ZGF technology can be implemented in a specific process and the benefits it provides.

Effective Filtration Improves Profitability

Contamination of fluids such as wash solutions, metalworking fluids, quench fluid, mill coolants, process water, white water and cooling water with metal fines, scale, suspended solids, silt and other undesirable solids can negatively impact a process. 

If the contamination is not efficiently and effectively removed, it could result in lost productivity, higher operating costs, increased maintenance costs, equipment damage, poor quality, environmental non-compliance and an unsafe work environment.

Filtration is often implemented as an after-thought, or simply a check box.  But the cleanliness of process fluids is critical to the profitability, environmental compliance and health & safety of the entire operation.  Filtration is critical in applications / processes listed below.  ZGF has the best available technology to capture and remove undesirable solids from process fluids and provide significant value while eliminating disposable media and reducing waste and total operating costs.

ZGF technology will provide value because it is:

  • fully automatic
  • consistent & reliable
  • non-disposable
  • energy efficient - utilizing a minimal amount of electricity and air during purge/backwash
  • able to remove ferrous particles down to 1 micron and non-ferrous particles down to 20 micron
  • able to provide value and help optimize each process by effective and efficient contaminant capture and removal
  • environmentally responsible – does not generate additional waste, unlike bags, cartridges and roll media

ZGF Maggie, Spring Filter & Tornado technologies meet all purchasing and performance criteria by effectively and efficiently capturing and removing the contaminants from process fluids and process / cooling water.

The product data sheets provide a detailed description and comprehensive overview of each product technology. If you want to learn more about ZGF EZ Clean, Maggie, MEC or Tornado technology, then click on one of the links to download the:

Seeing is believing!

Some people need to see something in operation to really get it.  Click on the links below to see how each technology works.

  • Spring Filter animation – The animation shows the basic principle of operation.
  • Spring Filter video - See the coil open and shimmer and the contaminants disappear!
  • Phoenix animation – The animation shows the basic principle of operation.
  • EZ Clean Phoenix video - The narrated video explains and allows you to see how the Phoenix works; and you can see how all debris is removed during backwash when the Spring Filter opens and shimmers
  • Maggie and Smart Drum animation – The animation shows the basic principle of operation.
  • Maggie video – The video shows and explains how the Maggie technology works. See how Maggie captures ferrous contaminants and then purges them to the Smart Drum!
  • Tornado animation – View the Tornado in operation.

Simplicity, consistency, reliability and the lowest cost of ownership make ZGF technology the best solution and value for all your filtration needs!

ZGF is your preferred partner.

 Filtration should not be a burden.

 Filtration should be a tool that improves quality and reduces cost.

Let us help you meet your objectives and make your job easier!


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