Filtration for the Removal of Suspended Solids from Industrial Water and Wastewater

In the US alone, we use over 350 million gallons of water per day. Approximately 90% of the water is used in three major categories – power generation, irrigation, and domestic use. The other 10% is used for industry, mining and other miscellaneous uses.

Water is critical for every aspect of life as we know it today. We can’t generate electricity, make steel or make cars without an adequate supply of “useable” water. Therefore, water filtration is also critical! We filter the water before we use it; and we filter it after we use so it can be used again.

Zero Gravity Filters offers two patented separation / filtration technologies to meet the for removal of suspended solids in industrial water and / or industrial wastewater.

  • Spring Filter – The ZGF Spring Filter is a 316 stainless-steel coil wound with a variable pitch that allows the filter element to open evenly from top to bottom ensuring that all contaminants are completely removed from the filter element with each backwash.  The “nidges” provide an absolute gap to ensure consistent and reliable particle capture. The Spring Filter element is utilized in the EZ Clean family of automatic filtration systems.
  • Tornado – The Tornado is high “G”-force, centrifugal separator.  The Tornado is a simple but extremely innovative device.  The Tornado has no moving parts and no media.  Tornado effectively removes particles without any regular maintenance.

Industrial (i.e. process water or mill water) serves many purposes. It is used for:

  • Process Cooling (once-through cooling or as make-up to a recirculating cooling water system)
  • Pump Seal Water
  • Process Make-up (wash / rinse systems, quench operations, etc.)
  • Boiler Feedwater
  • UF and / or R/O Feedwater
  • Wet Air Scrubbers or WEPs

The water supply comes from two primary sources – groundwater (wells) and surface water (lakes, rivers, streams and reservoirs). The water supply contains silt, sediment, suspended solids and other contaminants. (Note: Some of the water used in industrial facilities is treated by the city or municipality prior to distribution. Typically, the city water is much lower in suspended solids. However, the city water still may contain suspended solids that are not suitable for certain industrial processes.) Regardless of the intended use, virtually all this water must be filtered prior to use! The best in class choices for removal of suspended solids are ZGF Spring Filter and Tornado centrifugal separator technologies.

Wastewater is generated from domestic usage that must be treated. Many industrial processes also generate wastewater that must be treated prior to disposal or reuse. The type of treatment is dependent upon the wastewater makeup, discharge requirements and/or the intended reuse. However, in most every case, the removal of suspended solids and particulate matter is required as either a pretreatment and/or post-treatment. Regardless of how we use the water or where we send the water after we use it, the water must also be filtered!

ZGF Spring Filter technology can be utilized in your wastewater operations as a:

  • pre-filter to protect membrane and ion exchange systems
  • polishing filter to extend the life of expensive low micron cartridge filters

  • polishing filter downstream of a clarifier or dissolved air flotation system
  • primary filter to reduce suspended solids prior to reuse / recycling

ZGF Spring Filter and Tornado technologies effectively and efficiently capture and remove suspended solids.

ZGF technology can be installed in a variety of processes and applications.

To get a better understanding on where ZGF technology can provide value in Water & Wastewater operations, click on one or more of the Process Diagram links below.  The process diagrams show you where a ZGF technology can be implemented in a specific process and the benefits it provides.


ZGF Spring Filter & Tornado technologies meet all purchasing and performance criteria by effectively and efficiently capturing and removing the contaminants from the process water / wastewater.

ZGF technology will provide value because it is:

  • fully automatic
  • consistent & reliable
  • non-disposable
  • energy efficient - utilizing a minimal amount of electricity and air during purge/backwash
  • able to remove particles down to 20 micron
  • environmentally responsible – does not generate additional waste, unlike bags, cartridges and roll media
  • able to provide value and help optimize each process by effective and efficient contaminant capture and removal

The product data sheets provide a detailed description and comprehensive overview of each product technology. If you want to learn more about ZGF EZ Clean or Tornado technology, then click on one of the links to download the:

Seeing is believing!

Some people need to see something in operation to really get it.  Click on the links below to see how each technology works.

  • Spring Filter animation – The animation shows the basic principle of operation.
  • Spring Filter video - See the coil open and shimmer and the contaminants disappear!
  • Phoenix animation – The animation shows the basic principle of operation.
  • Phoenix video - The narrated video explains and allows you to see how the Phoenix works; and you can see how all debris is removed during backwash when the Spring Filter opens and shimmers
  • Tornado animation – View the Tornado in operation.

ZGF technology provides value

Click on ZGF Phoenix vs Bag Filter (Case Studies => ZGF Phoenix vs Bag Filter) to see a how a ZGF customer was able realize a simple payback in 8 months.

ZGF technology can provide significant value in several operations and applications. Click on Success Stories to jump to the Success Stories / Case Studies page to learn how ZGF technology provides value. 

Click on the links below to learn how customers benefited from recycling their process water / wastewater utilizing ZGF Spring Filter technology.



Simplicity, consistency, reliability and the lowest cost of ownership make ZGF technology the best solution and value for all your filtration needs!

ZGF is your preferred partner.

 Filtration should not be a burden.

 Filtration should be a tool that improves quality and reduces cost.

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