Magnetic Contaminant Filtration of Quench Fluid and Mill Coolant in ERW Tube Mills

Like many industries, the tube and pipe industry depend on a consistent and reliable operations to meet their financial objectives.  There are several areas in the mill where ZGF technology can provide value.

  • Mill – Mill Coolant
  • Induction Heat Treat – Quench
  • Secondary Operations / Machining (i.e. threading, etc.) – Machining Coolant
  • Cooling / Process Water

Tube Mill (welded)

As the tube is formed, small metal fines and slivers are generated on a continuous basis.  If not effectively and efficiently removed from the coolant, these metallic contaminants will negatively impact the ERW (welded) tube manufacturing process.

Maggie technology is an ideal solution for maintaining the cleanliness of the mill coolant.  Fluid cleanliness is critical; but is often overlooked, leading to a variety issues and challenges.  Many mills utilize settling zones to drop fines from the mill coolant and discourage the fines from re-entering the process.  Settling zones do not remove the contaminants from the process, they just defer the problem.  Secondary filtration, such as bags, is often added to address the smaller fines.  Neither of these commonly employed methods do a good job of removing the contaminants from the process.  If the contaminants (i.e. metal fines) are not effectively removed from the process, the total operating cost of the process will be excessive.  

Poor contaminant control results in higher operating costs and diminished production capability due to:

  • shorter impeder life,
  • shorter roller life,
  • shorter mill coolant life,
  • excessive machine component wear,
  • increased maintenance, and
  • excessive waste disposal.

High operating costs are not necessarily due to individual component replacement costs, but rather, how consistent and reliable is the process that produces the tube. For example, the replacement cost of an impeder is relatively minimal.  The real cost is the time to replace the impeder and lost production.  A simple part replacement can be extremely costly due to the real cost of lost production! 

Fines and scale in the mill coolant can cause the following problems:

  • impeder failure => leads to production loss
  • uneven roller wear => leads to forming problems and / or premature roller replacement, production loss
  • rust / corrosion => subpar quality or re-work (derust)
  • downstream process issues => hydrostatic test station problems, excessive equipment wear, production bottleneck

ZGF Maggie technology is the best available technology for removal of metal fines, metal slivers, weld slag and weld splatter (i.e. ferrous materials) from tube mill operations.  To get a better understanding on where ZGF Maggie technology can provide value in your Tube Mill Operations, download the Process Diagram, Tube Mill.

Induction Heat Treat

The welded tube is often heat treated to meet customer requirements for specific metallurgical properties.  Maggie technology is an ideal solution for maintaining the cleanliness of quench/cooling fluids in ferrous metal induction operations.  Fluid cleanliness is critical in these operations; but is often overlooked, leading to a variety issues and challenges. 

The scale formed during this process causes several problems if not efficiently and effectively removed, including:

  • inconsistent surface hardness → off specification parts / scrap
  • hot spots on coil → reduced coil life / inconsistent metallurgical properties
  • plugged quench ring nozzles → low flow / insufficient cooling rate / poor metallurgical properties / part distortion
  • inaccurate measurement of quench fluid concentration → poor metallurgical properties / part distortion
  • reduced machine and machine component life → higher maintenance and total operating costs
  • reduced quench fluid life → increased quench expenditures / increase disposal costs / increased labor
  • reduced machine up time → loss of productivity / higher total operating costs

Historically, the industry has relied on bag filtration and/or centrifugal separators.  Bag filtration is inconsistent, and easily and often circumvented at the operator level.  Centrifugal separators are not effective at removing particles smaller than 50 - 75 microns.  The primary issue in induction operations of ferrous components is not the induction equipment or the quench fluid; it is the inability to remove scale from the process.  ZGF technology is the best available technology for filtering quench fluid in induction heat treat operations. ZGF Maggie technology effectively and efficiently captures and removes the ferrous contaminants from the process.

To get a better understanding as to where ZGF Maggie technology can provide value in your quench operations, click here to download Process Diagram, Induction Hardening / Heat Treat (Quench).

Secondary Operations – Machining / Threading

Threading and other machining operations use machining coolant.  Effective and efficient removal of the contaminants will improve productivity and reduce total operating costs by improving tool and coolant life.  ZGF Maggie technology effectively and efficiently removes the ferrous contaminants from the process.

You can have the best machine tools and use the best tools and metalworking fluid: but if you do not effectively and efficiently remove the contaminants from the process, you will not realize the benefits of your investment.

Effective filtration is essential to:

  • maintain machine tool cleanliness,
  • maximize metalworking fluid life,
  • maximize tool life,
  • meet surface finish and tolerance requirements,
  • minimize labor associated with maintenance and housekeeping,
  • maintain a worker friendly and safe work environment,
  • minimize waste disposal, and
  • ensure a consistent and reliable process.

Efficient, effective and reliable first pass filtration is critical in machining.  ZGF Maggie and Spring Filter are is the best available technologies for capturing and removing ferrous and no-ferrous contaminants from the machining coolant. 

To get a better understanding on where ZGF Maggie technology can provide value in your machining operations, download Process Diagram, Stand-Alone Machining Center, Clean Tank / Dirty Tank or Process Diagram, Stand-Alone Machining Center, Single Tank.

Cooling / Process Water

Several processes in a tube mill require cooling.  The source for the cooling / process water can be from a lake, reservoir, river, well, or from recycled plant process or waste water.  In most cases, the water requires filtration. 

The cooling / process water requires filtration!  Effective removal of fines, scale, dirt and other particulate matter from process cooling water is critical.  Implementation of proper filtration will reduce maintenance costs, improve heat transfer efficiency and save energy.  ZGF filtration technology provides an effective, efficient and environmentally responsible solution that can help optimize lifecycle costs and minimize the environmental footprint associated with process cooling, a critical manufacturing operation.

Filtration of process cooling water is often overlooked; but cleanliness of the cooling water can have significant impact on mill productivity and profitability.  Fouled piping and heat exchange surfaces can result in:

  • Higher Energy Costs
  • Lower Productivity
  • Increased Chemical Costs
  • Higher Water Usage, and
  • Increased Equipment and Infrastructure Maintenance.

To learn more about how filtration impacts the cost of process cooling equipment and infrastructure, click on the Powerpoint presentation - Impact of Filtration on Process Cooling Water Systems.

To get a better understanding on where Spring Filter technology can provide value for your operations requiring process / cooling water, download the Process Diagram, Industrial Process Water or Process Diagram, HVAC / Cooling Water


If you want to learn more about ZGF EZ Clean technology, then click on one of the links to download the:

View the Spring Filter video to see how all the contaminants are removed from the Spring Filter during backwash when the filter element opens and shimmers.

If you want to learn more about ZGF Maggie technology, then download the Maggie Product Data Sheet or view the Maggie in action by watching the Maggie video.

The EZMAG is the only permanent media, in-line filter that combines magnetic and barrier filtration in a single system.  Click on the links below for additional information.

The Tornado is a simple but extremely innovative device.  The Tornado has no moving parts and no media.  Tornado effectively removes particles without any regular maintenance.  If you want to learn more about ZGF Tornado technology, then download the Tornado Product Data Sheet or click on the Tornado animation link to view the Tornado separator in operation.

ZGF technology provides value throughout the tube mill

ZGF Maggie and Spring Filter technologies provide value throughout the tube mill. 

ZGF technology is:

  • fully automatic
  • consistent & reliable
  • non-disposable
  • energy efficient - utilizing a minimal amount of electricity and air during purge/backwash
  • able to remove ferrous particles down to 1 micron and non-ferrous particles down to 20 micron
  • able to provide value throughout the mill and help optimize each process by effective and efficient contaminant capture and removal

ZGF technology is now considered by many as the best available technology for many applications throughout the mill.  As steel mills continue to implement our technology and realize the exceptional value, some organizations have shared their success stories. 

Click on Success Stories to jump to the Success Stories / Case Studies page to learn how ZGF technology provides value. 

Click on the links below to learn how our customers were able to reduce operating costs, improve process reliability and quality, and reduce the environmental footprint of their operations by implementing ZGF technology.

Simplicity, consistency, reliability and the lowest cost of ownership make ZGF technology the best solution and value for all your steel mill fluids! 

ZGF is your preferred partner.

 Filtration should not be a burden.

 Filtration should be a tool that improves quality and reduces cost.

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