ZGF Phoenix automatic liquid filtration system

The Phoenix is the most advanced, automatic, non-disposable liquid filtration system. The patented design allows for 24/7 uninterrupted operation. The Phoenix’s stainless-steel construction allows for use in a wide variety of applications and industries

Phoenix technology is used in:    

  • Power Generating plants,
  • Automotive plants,
  • Steel Mills,
  • Pulp & Paper operations, 
  • Oil & Gas fields,
  • Food Processing operations

 Phoenix filters are utilized to filter:

  • machining coolant,
  • wash solutions,
  • cooling / process water,
  • wastewater,
  • whitewater,
  • surface water
  • many other process fluids that are not listed above. 

Simplicity, consistency, reliability, and the lowest cost of ownership make the Phoenix an ideal solution in several industries for many filtration applications.

The heart of the Phoenix is the ZGF Spring Filter. The Phoenix’s compact (18 in3), economical design utilizes six (6) Spring Filter elements arranged in a radial configuration around the inlet chamber. 

The standard Phoenix is fabricated from 304 stainless steel and engineered plastics.  It is fully compatible with a wide range of liquids and operating conditions up to 190oF and 120 psi.  The Phoenix is also available in 316 stainless steel and Super Duplex when more corrosion resistance is required.  The standard filter element is fabricated from 316 stainless steel.  For additional corrosion resistance, ZGF can also provide Spring Filters fabricated from super duplex and high nickel alloy.

The Phoenix requires virtually no regular maintenance.  However, should you ever need to access the Spring Filters, it’s simple. Click here to see the Phoenix Placard which shows step-by-step procedures to access the Spring Filters.
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The Phoenix filter is innovative and effective. However, the operation is extremely simple. Click on the Phoenix animation see the basic principle of operation.

Click on the Phoenix video to see this innovative and best-in-class product in action.  The narrated video explains and allows you to see how the Phoenix works; and you can see how all debris is removed during backwash when the Spring Filter opens and shimmers.

The Phoenix is designed to handle flow rates from 40 gpm to 250 gpm with the lowest installed footprint.  Duplex and triplex Phoenix arrangements allow for even higher flows.

To learn more about ZGF Phoenix filter, download the Phoenix Product Data Sheet

EZ Clean Phoenix automatic, liquid filtration system


Precision Absolute Gap

Design Flowrate

20 µ

35 µ

50 µ

75 µ

100 µ

150 µ

200 µ

400 µ

60 gpm

100 gpm

135 gpm

150 gpm

180 gpm

180 gpm

180 gpm

180 gpm


1.     The design flowrate is a GUIDELINE based upon a clean differential pressure of 2 psi or less. 
2.     The solids loading, physical characteristics, material and density of the particles impact system sizing / design flowrate.  500 ppm is typical maximum loading for ZGF EZ Clean filtration systems utilizing the ZGF Spring Filter
3.     MAXIMUM flowrates are documented in the Product Specification Sheets.
4.     Backwash Volume: < 5 gallons
5.     Based on “663” Spring Filter elements 


If you want to learn more about the relationship between Phoenix filter flowrate and pressure drop, then click here to view the Phoenix flow / pressure curves.

There are three Phoenix models, Electric, Electro-Pneumatic and Pneumatic.  Your choice depends upon site and process conditions.   

Phoenix filter backwash is accomplished by rotating a polyacetal “shoe” on the diverting valve.

  • The pneumatic model uses a pneumatic actuator to index a pair of dog clutches for rotating the diverting valve during the backwash sequence.
  • The electro-pneumatic and electric models use a 24 VDC motor/gearbox assembly for rotating the diverting valve during backwash sequence.

Phoenix filters are available with two control system options:

  • Printed circuit Board control system
    • Proprietary, Solid-State, Printed Circuit Board
    • Used with Electro-Pneumatic and Electric models
    • The controls are contained within the filter for compactness.
    • Membrane keypad and LCD display that allows the user to configure timers and displays operational status
    • LED indicator lights for POWER, CLEAN (i.e. backwash) and FAULT
    • Buttons for CLEAN (i.e. manual backwash initiation) and RESET (i.e. clear faults)

  • Siemens LOGO! / TDE control system
    • Siemens logic module with proprietary program logic
    • Used with Pneumatic model
    • Installed in a wall mounted NEMA 4 enclosure for hazardous, wet and hot applications.
    • Door-mounted user interface to configure timers and displays operational status
    • Panel mounted condition indicator LED stack light for POWER, CLEAN (i.e. backwash) and FAULT
    • Buttons for manual backwash initiation and fault reset.

Both Phoenix control packages provide alarm condition / feedback and feature three modes of backwash initiation.

  • automatic based on differential pressure
  • time interval
  • manual override.

Click on the desired Phoenix model - Pneumatic, Electro-Pneumatic or Electric for a detailed product specification sheet.  

For a comprehensive overview of ZGF Phoenix technology, click on the Phoenix Product Data Sheet.  If you are looking for more information, go to Documents. You can download and access drawings, installation, operation & maintenance (IOM) manuals, as well as other technical and reference documents.

To learn more about this best-in-class technology, watch the Phoenix video.

The video shows and explains how our Phoenix filter works.  After watching the video, I am sure you will be thinking of many processes and applications in your facility where the ZGF Phoenix filter could provide value.

Phoenix is the ideal solution in several industries for many applications.  Simplicity, consistency, reliability and the lowest life-cycle cost make Phoenix the only choice when your flowrate is between 40 gpm and 250 gpm and you need to remove suspended solids and particle matter your washing, process and cooling fluids.  Click on the link life-cycle cost spreadsheet to see how ZGF Phoenix technology can provide value to you; or click Phoenix – Basic Description & Operation to learn more about how the Phoenix operates.